Image of Rep Weave Rug/Tapestry Image of Rep Weave Rug/Tapestry

Rep Weave Rug/Tapestry


Rep Weave Rug/Wall Hanging
Cotton warp, cotton weft
22" x 56"

I made this as soon as the pandemic hit, using whatever thread I had on hand so I could keep my mind calm. The colours have a strange dissonance to them. It's woven in a warp-faced rep weave structure--every weaving tradition has an interpretation of rep weave. The warp is built densely so that even when half are lifted by the shafts, the warp threads will be entirely covered underneath. Because it's woven so densely it has a carpet-like weight but the heavy-set cotton gives it this unfamiliar tactile quality--which is to say, you can tell it is handmade in its voluptuousness. Happy to trim the tails if that's preferred.